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What is a Dog Show


Dog Shows are normally graded into three different types of Show





These shows make a very good starting point for a showing career.


They are  normally  lighthearted shows run to support a local or National Charity and the Companion show is unique in that both PEDIGREE and NON PEDIGREE  or CROSSES  may participate in the competition.


The show is Divided into both Pedigree and Novety Classes and a Judge is appointed to Select the Best in each Class . The Winning  Dog and Handler in each class  going forward to the Challenge where BEST IN SHOW is selected.





The Open Dog Show is normally a more competitive show which is usually run by the Larger Canine Societies and are usually considered to be the "Bread and Butter" of dog showing. Only PEDIGREE Dogs may compete


Many , but not all  Breeds of  Dogs are Catered for at the Open Show and a Shedule is normally provided for the show which outlines the Breeds and Classes availiable and the Judges appointed for each Breed. Where a Breed type is not scheduled AVNSC ( Any Variety not Seperatly Classified) and AV (Any Variety) Classes are normally availiable.


Once again  a Judge is appointed to select the winner of each class and these winners then progress onwards to the the "Challenge" where BEST IN BREED is selected


Open Shows are availiable in two forms those run on the GROUP SYSTEM and those which are NOT on the GROUP SYSTEM.


The Shedule of the show will detail Which tye of Show is being staged.


If you are a BEST IN BREED Winner in a ( Not Run of the Group System ) type of Open Show  , you and your Dog will Progress to the Best In Show competition at the end of the Day


If however the Open Show is run using the ( Group System) you and your BEST OF BREED  Dog will have to Qualify for the BEST IN SHOW Competition by entering and winning the Group Competition.


Each Pedigree Dog is A Member of one of Seven Groups These Being


1.   HOUND

2.   GUNDOG  





7.   TOY


You must get to know into which Group your dog belongs


By Winning the Group competiton you will qulify and progress forward to  the BEST IN SHOW COMPETITION


If the Open Show you have entered is termed a PREMIER OPEN SHOW

The BEST in SHOW then Qualifies for a CRUFTS ENTRY





Championship Shows are held countrywide and involve quiet a lot of travelling if you wish to partake in them and in the majority of cases tend to be generally more expensive


The Shows are Held in the same format as a ( Group System) Open show and if you are lucky enough to get !st , 2nd or 3rd in most  of Classes  you enter ,  you achieve an  automatic entry into CRUFTS and progress to the Championship Group Competition if successful here you would enter the Championship Show BEST IN SHOW Competion


However the competition in CHAMPIONSHIP SHOWS can be quite daunting and YOU AND YOUR DOG should be in top condition but a Qualification for CRUFTS is very satifying and becomes the pinnicle achievment to a years worth of showing,


Dont be afraid to Enter theses Championship shows . Getting to CRUFTS is after all the peak target of your showing year and you never know , you may be able to acheive













































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